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Tuesday, 2-Dec-2008 10:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark
darwin working tour

sydney airport
sydney airport
on route to Circular Quey
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i went on a working tour on the 25th of nov to Darwin Australia. before that, i spent around 10 hours in transit at Sydney Airport. this was my second time in Sydney after 22 years, i think.. huhu.. lama dah xdtg Sydney.. sejuk gak dalam 15 deg cel.. i went on a train ride to Circular Quay, where the Opera House is. it was like retracing my steps back into time. kinda like de javu.. heheh.. i took some pictures and then i went back to catch my flight to Darwin. letih btl..
sampai laa aku kat Darwin lepas lebih 15 jam atas kapal terbang.. sampai Darwin rasa nak mandi jer.. panas beb.. it was the rainy season in Darwin. the temperature was around 38 deg cel max and it was hot and humid at the time of my visit. the moment i stepped out of the airport, i was greeted by warm air. it was kinda like stepping into a crowded kitchen or Pudu Raya bus station on a hot sticky afternoon. nasib baik aku org Malaysia.. dah biasa panas mcm tuu .. hehehe..

Thursday, 20-Nov-2008 02:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
kinabalu trip 08

vets on a mission
late evening walk to eat
before our 6 km hike to Laban Rata
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just recently, i went out on a trip to conquer Mt.Kinabalu with my fellow colleagues. boy, was it hard!!! we started our journey from LCCT to KK airport on the 11th of nov. from the airport, we took a minibus to Kinabalu Park which is around 2 hours from the airport. the journey was breathtaking to say the least. the view especially when we're approaching the highlands was beyond words. my city lungs was just bursting with joy when inhaling the unadulterated mountain air.. oohhh joy!!!
the road was undulating and a strong stomach can go a long way.. huhuhu...
as we reached the Resort, we were greeted by cool breeze.. and cute Sabahan chicks.. hehe.. (ayang, abg xngorat tau.. ) then we checked into our hostel. it was a dorm like lodge with all the creature comfort.. after freshening up, we head to the auditorium for a briefing. the person briefing us was again a cute Sabahan chick, who claimed that she reached the summit twice. she told us that the youngest to reach the summit was a 4 yo kid and the oldest was a 92 yo japanese woman. huhuhu... i told myself, i'll be a total loooooser if i didn't make it up the summit.. hehehe.. but still, it's a daunting task at hand. regardless of age, you need to be as fit as a horse to get up there..
after the briefing, we settled down for dinner.. then to bed..
the next morning, at around 6, (subuh at around 5 a.m.) we head out to the reception where our mountain guide (malim gunung) is waiting. we then, took a bus to Timpohoi Gate which was the starting point of our hike to Laban Rata Base Camp. the track was 6 km, up and down the highlands.. for the trip, the Resort packed our lunch for us. along the way there are shelters in case you want to rest, "upload" or even "download"..
it took us nearly 6 hours to get to Laban Rata Base Camp. there we stayed for a night before making an early move the next morning at around 2 a.m. the temperature upon our arrival was 11.6 deg cel.. sejuk ooo... better bring your long johns and whatever jacket that u have. the temperature plummets to a chilling 5 deg cel at night and unfortunately for us, it rained that night... huhuhuh... freezing cold!!!!
we woke up at 2 a.m. freshened up, and started our 2 km journey to Low's Peak. since we were hiking in the dark, we brought along with us head lights to better illuminate our path. the hike was tiring and gruelling to be exact.. but trust me, it is worth all the trouble to get to the summit..
we reached the check point at around 5 a.m. for the first time in my life, i prayed my Suboh prayers at an elevation of more than 3000 meters above sea level.. nasib dah amik wudhu masa kat camp.. hehehe..
subuh dalam kul 5 camtu laa.. sejuk gilerrr beb... !!!!
as an advice, wear waterproof shoes and gloves.. if u have a raincoat or a waterproof windbreaker, even better.. it's wet up there.. the water up there is good to drink. pure mineral water.. ..
we watched the sunrise at 5.30 a.m and it was beautiful.. the view was just spectacular. u can see the whole of KK from up there.. anyway.. the pictures will tell u the rest.. hehehe...
visit for more pictures..

for travel arrangements at Kinabalu Park, leave a massage on my message board.

Tuesday, 8-Jul-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

petronas twin tower
sekitar klcc
jln sg.besi
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Sunday, 6-Jul-2008 09:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
meeting di terengganu

dusk at pantai batu buruk
pantai batu buruk
pakcik menjala
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Saturday, 5-Jul-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
meeting di Langkawi

sunset at pantai chenang
sunset at tanjung rhu
fishing boat passing by
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